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United States pediatrician whose many books on child care influenced the upbringing of children around the world (1903-1998)


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Try this: Substitute the words ``City Council'' for the word ``parent,'' and ``City Hall bureaucracy'' for the word ``child,'' and look what Dr.
vice president of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at The Dr.
It's a great guide for first-time cat owners, written by the Dr.
We have a huge head start in a multi-billion-dollar parenting market," said Doug Lee, president and CEO of The Dr.
Spock's other intellectual property, will form the basis for The Dr.
The three books, which will all be published in trade paperback, complement existing Web content and television programming produced by The Dr.
Spock's writings from the very beginning of his career, is a fundamental partner in The Dr.
The national circulation of Parents Sense solidifies The Dr.
The production and successful national distribution to the mass market of our first television series, Parent Sense, is a milestone in The Dr.
Under the agreement, AOL's and CompuServe's more than 32 million members will have instant and direct access to The Dr.
Benjamin Spock to parents from whole new generations, providing timeless child-rearing techniques with the click of a mouse," said Doug Lee, president and CEO of The Dr.
Vignette Corporation (Nasdaq:VIGN), the leading supplier of e-business applications, today announced that The Dr.