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English writer and lexicographer (1709-1784)

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We saw a progressive increase in cortical tau going from the normal subjects to those with Alzheimer's dementia, and this pattern was different from amyloid," Dr.
She told Arkansas Business that questions about over-testing dogged Dr.
In a study to be published February in the International Journal of Obesity, Dr.
Safe, inexpensive, and "a very simple maneuver," according to Dr.
DJD is diagnosed by observing changes on radiographs, and treatment is determined by clinical signs," says Dr.
With kudos from LaSalle Leffall, past president of the American Cancer Society, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and others, Dr.
Over time, people with relapsing-remitting MS who are not on any treatment experience fewer relapses, but they are known to develop increasing fixed disability," Dr.
Shakespeare's Midwives, which continues Arthur Sherbo's useful series of studies of eighteenth-century Shakespearean scholarship, expands his investigation of the commentators who mainly contributed to the celebrated editions of Dr.
Through this process of discovery, the search committee took note of the incredible job Dr.
In fact, compliant behavior with one component of the diabetes regimen--say, blood glucose testing, or exercise--doesn't predict behavior with regard to any other component, according to Dr.
Patients with an elevated respiratory distress index and minimal symptoms can be candidates for outpatient UP3, but those with severe symptoms are not," said Dr.
None of the pre-nevirapine samples had detectable levels of the viral mutation using the new assay, and the 10 samples that tested positive for the mutation via conventional methods also tested positive with the more sensitive test, Dr.
The court concluded that he District Court abused its discretion by excluding testimony of Dr.