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English writer and lexicographer (1709-1784)

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In one human trial, in which men consumed 200 g of fructose for 2 weeks, Dr.
The proposed system is not intended to be a diagnostic tool, Dr.
Four out of the seven participants showed impaired glucose or carbohydrate tolerance (IGT), and Dr.
We saw a progressive increase in cortical tau going from the normal subjects to those with Alzheimer's dementia, and this pattern was different from amyloid," Dr.
She told Arkansas Business that questions about over-testing dogged Dr.
Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that are known bladder irritants in both children and adults, said Dr.
In modern societies, we're on high sugar," said Dr.
This is a very difficult area [to image clearly] just on routine vaginal ultrasound," Dr.
Although the relationship may seem the other way around (children with attention problems tend to watch more television), Dr.
Essentially, the arthritic change is the body's defense mechanism against unstable joints," says Dr.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court admitted that the evidence as to whether Dr.
The incidence of breast cancer in African American women before age 40 is so high, and no one else is talking about it," says Dr.
As the new chair for the Interim Committee of the African Anglican/Lutheran Consultation and an advocate for the dispossessed native population in Zimbabwe on native land issues, Bishop Sebastian Bakare of the diocese of Manicaland has experience that is expected to match issues and events at next July's General Synod, Dr.
Over time, people with relapsing-remitting MS who are not on any treatment experience fewer relapses, but they are known to develop increasing fixed disability," Dr.
Shakespeare's Midwives, which continues Arthur Sherbo's useful series of studies of eighteenth-century Shakespearean scholarship, expands his investigation of the commentators who mainly contributed to the celebrated editions of Dr.