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United States pediatrician whose many books on child care influenced the upbringing of children around the world (1903-1998)


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They were the respectable pro-drug group, with supporters like Julian Bond, former attorney general Ramsey Clark, Senator Jacob Javits, Dr.
Accompanied by a jazz band, Mary Morgan, the widow of Dr.
Spock Company, based on the timeless philosophies of world-renowned pediatrician Dr.
Our agreement with America Online delivers the inspiration of Dr.
Tuesday) probes the question of human behavior, including segments on Sigmund Freud, Dr.
Spock Company is built on the philosophies of my late husband, Dr.
The site, which launched in late September, takes the parenting philosophies and children's health advice of renowned physician Dr.
com is a company based on the core philosophies that Dr.
Nancy Snyderman, medical correspondent for ``Good Morning America'' and contributing editor to ``Parenting'' and ``Good Housekeeping'' -- Dr.