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I should like to speak to you in private," said Dr.
At first, it stirred up a storm of incredulity; Dr.
Malte-Brun"); and a searching essay in the Zeitschrift fur Allgemeine Erdkunde, by Dr.
One limped across the floor like a gouty grandfather; one set a pair of spectacles astride of his nose, and pretended to pore over the black-letter pages of the book of magic; a third seated himself in an arm-chair, and strove to imitate the venerable dignity of Dr.
The insect fluttered lightly through the chamber, and settled on the snowy head of Dr.
Yet the thought of Aristotle ruled Europe for twelve centuries," Dr.
Another time, when Ernest had just said that the metaphysical philosophers could never stand the test of truth, Dr.
They came in one by one and walked up to the table at which sat Dr.
No, dear, the one you love the best and will be happiest with," said Dr.
On the contrary," the Prince protested, smiling, "I need you, Dr.
They are worthy to rank with Cruikshank's illustrations of Jack Sheppard and The Tower of London, as mementoes of the little old smokeless London before the century of Johnson, though that, too, as Dr.
We are coming now rather into the region of guesswork," said Dr.
He has failed, but there are others more powerful than the Crooked Magician, and there are more ways than Dr.
I have a husband of my own, to whom I was married before I ever saw Dr.
On this ground it was (professionally speaking) fortunate for Dr.