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United States writer of children's books (1904-1991)

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It's probably the best from a bunch of Dr Seuss works which were adapted for television and screened in the early 1970s and have now been digitally remastered for DVD release.
Or has it been timed to coincide with the centenary of the birth of the 'real' Dr Seuss (Ted Seuss Geisel)?
Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1904, Dr Seuss graduated from Dartmouth College in 1925 and moved to Oxford University to study literature.
Disillusioned with his studies, Dr Seuss left Oxford and began drawing cartoons and writing articles for magazines such as Life and Vanity Fair.
Myers, 39, who will be the cat, said: "It's great fun to be in a children's movie and it's an honour to be asked to be in the world of Dr Seuss.
Dr Seuss, the pen name of American writer and cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel, has become a household name with his combination of funny stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes.
The exhibition, backed by the Arts Council of Wales, highlights the life and work of Dr Seuss, and provides the opportunity to enjoy artwork from classics - such as Green Eggs and Ham and How the Grinch Stole Christmas - over 60 years.
Dr Seuss was born Theodore Seuss Geisel in the USA in 1904 and, between 1937 and his death in 1991, published 40 books which sold half a billion copies between them - more than JK Rowling's Harry Potter books.
TOPPING SHOW: Martha Markham (centre) aged seven, with Harry Bowyer, eight, and Lily Hammond, seven, were inspired by the Dr Seuss books
All libraries in the city had activity sheets and quizzes for families to do and a Dr Seuss story-telling session took place at Jesmond Library.
Dr Seuss won the 1984 Pullitzer Prize for his contribution to children's literature.
The Dr Seuss books have sold more than 100 million copies in 18 languages - and they're still selling.
But above all Dr Seuss books were easy to read and very very funny whatever the age of the reader.
Sam tries every possible ploy to win over his friend and, in best Dr Seuss tradition, finally succeeds.
Random House and Dr Seuss Enterprises have organised events and tributes throughout 2004 to celebrate Giesal's centennial year, reports Publishing News.