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English writer and lexicographer (1709-1784)

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And what Dr Johnson did was within professional guidelines and did not amount to negligence.
Dr Johnson was also voted on to Barry Town Council.
Dr Johnson, along with other distinguished speakers provided a very useful context for our students to complement their academic interests in science and technology.
Dr Johnson said that seems a relatively obvious attraction and even makes evolutionary sense in terms of safety and protection.
Dr Johnson is a fan of brisket boards to facilitate the correct positioning of cows in stalls and to help them get up.
This is a new show from Max Stafford-Clark's remarkable theatre company Out of Joint and it plays the LBt's Cellar theatre on Monday night The piece has been adapted from James Boswell's biography, The Life of Samuel Johnson and his journal of the tour to the Hebrides that he undertook with Dr Johnson.
But the research of Dr Johnson and his team has shown how a protein inside the parasite has enabled it to become resistant to anti-malarial drugs.
Dr Johnson, the English eighteenth-century savant, was remarkably perceptive about the nature of glass that, as he pointed out, is a 'body at once in a high degree solid and transparent; which might admit the light of the sun, and exclude the violence of the wind'.
Dr Johnson, 52, said: "They told me I would experience after-effects but nothing like this.
Dr Johnson, runner-up to Desert King in the Budweiser Irish Derby, will reappear in the Ballycullen Stakes at Leopardstown tomorrow as a trial for the English St Leger.
Dr Johnson will focus specifically on seeking out new assets in the biologics area, which will enable Index Ventures to build companies based on the asset-centric model he and Index pioneered.
The youngster's QC, Martin Spencer, claims Dr Johnson sent him home with a prescription for painkillers and reassured his parents there was "nothing too serious to worry about".
Dr Johnson said: "We've produced evidence that pluripotency - the ability of an embryonic stem cell to become absolutely any kind of cell - is actually very ancient in evolutionary terms.
Dr Johnson said: "Gareth Jones was the son of Major Edgar Jones, the headmaster at Barry County Grammar School, and was a highly regarded international affairs journalist who worked for David Lloyd-George, amongst others.