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a negative aspect of something that is generally positive

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The credit outlook for most euro area countries is stable, balancing the moderate economic recovery under way, which is supported by lower commodity prices and the impact of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank (ECB), with a range of downside risks, Moody's Investors Service says in a new report today.
Demand for the firm's AlphaSector (TM) strategies, with embedded downside risk management, drives business growth
The retailer's risk aversion is modeled by the Value-at-Risk (VaR) approach with the downside risk constraint.
Managing Downside Risk, edited by Frank Sortino and Stephen Satchell, 2001, Oxford, UK: Butterworth-Heinemann, Quantitative Finance Series, 267 pages
Carving out exceptions to pay out for missed targets creates an artificial truncation of downside risk, particularly since the company rarely, if ever, reduces payouts when performance gains through outside circumstances.
I've always placed great emphasis on careful and prudent planning, expanding only when downside risk is best minimized and upside potential is best maximized so that we may distribute cash flow to our investors," said Edmond Lee, chief executive officer of The Hotel Group.
We have carefully controlled our investment strategy, keeping our focus on opportunities where our unique franchise, expertise and relationships give us a competitive advantage and an ability to add value, while carefully measuring and controlling downside risk.
Buying protective put options provides a way to absolutely limit your downside risk on a stock for the length of the contract in exchange for payment of an up-front cash premium.
After controlling for the market beta, the size effect, and the book-to-market effect, the average rate of return on stocks with the greatest downside risk exceeds the average rate of return on stocks with the least downside risk by 6.
BOJ Governor Masaru Hayami said Tuesday the downside risk for the Japanese economy had increased slightly since the BOJ's assessment in April.
The study also found that multinational companies showed no difference in downside risk when compared to firms with just domestic operations.
This same client may want to continue to own stock in her former employer but still seeks protection against the downside risk.
In his research on the current regulatory framework for trading books -- which utilizes Value-at-Risk and Stress Testing to assess downside risk and to determine capital adequacy - he found those measures to be inadequate to prevent future economic turmoil.
However, if we realised a downside risk, that would be a more significant event.
AlphaSector (TM) Alternatives feature leverage in rising markets with aggressive Downside Risk Management; emerges as powerful entrant in new investment category