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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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My first reaction to the Document Download Manager is that it will be very valuable, particularly as this allows naming conventions for the article and default storing locations to be specified.
The Document Download Manager will provide the user with the option to choose a meaningful naming convention that will then be accredited to all the articles downloaded via Scopus, enabling the user to organize their files quickly and easily.
Openwave has developed the Download Manager using technology that the company acquired from Ellipsus Systems.
EdgeCast Download Manager can be configured to suit a wide variety of distributor and end user needs.
The Citrio Download Manager has been completely redesigned.
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), the world's most popular download manager from SpeedBit Ltd.
Citrio download manager helps to get full control of downloads.
Up to now, the only solution for mass-market devices running full-length tracks has been a native implementation of the music player, DRM Client and download manager for progressive download.
Riot now deploys a fully customized download manager powered by Pando Networks' award winning delivery technology to download the 1 GB sized game client, supporting gamers using both PCs and Macs in the US, Europe and Asia.
TM)](Game Delivery Network) has been expanded to include an integrated download manager, launcher, patcher, and other new products and services for online gaming companies.
The LexisNexis product development team has worked with customers to prioritize the enhancements introduced to TotalPatent, with new features such as: options for displaying and delivering English titles and abstracts for non-English records; a significant expansion of fields available to download; enhancements to Publication Number searching; launch of an interactive, user-controlled Semantic Search platform; faster display and downloading of images and PDFs; and a download manager tool.
It integrates CDN services and a gaming software stack that enables faster downloads, lower delivery costs, fewer abandonments, an integrated download manager and real-time analytics, all from a single-source provider committed to game delivery innovation.
Launch of Centralized Download Manager for E-Discovery: The ability to export data from Discovery Archive for further review and analysis is critical for approved system administrators.
7 release of BOLT offers increased functionality and usability, with new features including direct Twitter integration, Spanish and Russian language support, an enhanced download manager, increased streaming video features and the ability to run widgets.