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narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used in pairs for gliding over snow

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But the downhill ski event is what everyone is talking about and we can't change that.
With knees slightly bent, first lift the uphill ski, then the downhill ski, slowly side-stepping up the hill.
The downhill ski industry, founded by enthusiasts who started ski areas because they loved skiing, was long ago transformed into a big business run by bottom-line managers.
Contract notice: Granting of services for the management of facilities and downhill ski slopes falling in the ski-sellata mount airy in the municipalities of abriola (pz) and the stone of castalda (pz) - cig: 5966229fe8.
The advantages of a snow-filled winter overcame the disadvantages of a recession for New Hampshire's downhill ski industry, which saw its third-best season on record this past season.
As an experienced skier he is hoping to pick up a medal in the downhill ski events as well as enjoying the slalom and cross-country events.
Even though downhill skiing is no more, it's still a great place for winter play LAST AUGUST, WHEN the small downhill ski facility at Lassen Volcanic National Park was removed, some local skiers and businesspeople were dismayed.
Vehicle 1:- Snow tracked vehicle for the treatment of moderate to severe downhill ski slopes and snow park with front adjustment Multi-position blade with an extended range of extreme positions to work in the park, combined belts and rear flexible cutter with screed with an extended range of extreme positions to work in the park.
When New Hampshire skiers hit the slopes this winter, they will have fewer choices than they did 30 years ago--a lot fewer, considering the state has lost approximately 60 percent of its downhill ski areas since the 1970s.
The first downhill ski runs are opening for the season in Michigan
The search has begun for two athletes to compete in the Fulda Tyres Challenge, a demanding sports event which includes downhill ski runs, four-kilometre treks, rally driving and even dog sledding.
Highway 40, right next to Steamboat's downhill ski area.
Nashoba's Jenna Peabody picked up her first Grand Slalom win of the season during last Thursday's downhill ski meet at Nashoba Valley.
Ten-person snowcat goes to downhill ski sites, or you can follow a cross-country guide for day outings or hut-to-hut tours.