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a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)

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It essentially creates a virtual, feature-rich, on-demand environment with no wait time or down time.
The threads leave no scars, are simple to insert, cause minimal down time and require no bandages.
Hurricane Rita also caused down time on Eugene Island 339 in late August and the field has been shut-in since September due to Hurricane Rita as the third-party sales platform described above was completely destroyed.
System Replication, which offers customers complete access to up to the minute data from a remote location in the event of down time (a Mission Critical option to the System Replication component also exists, which provides needed data to multiple system platforms immediately after a fallout occurs).
There is no down time or up time,'' Ducks coach Craig Hartsburg said.
Client's can expect down time and latency issues," said Rich Person, CEO of Poindexter Systems.
I've always thought one of the worst things about drag racing is the down time,'' said five-year Funny Car pilot Tony Pedregon.
With thousands of customers throughout the state, many of whom work through the night and need Internet access through the night, Voyager cannot afford any down time.
We wanted a new headquarters that would allow us to keep doing business as usual and not require us to have down time for installing a system that would accommodate our needs," said Chetan Patel, chief operating officer of MortgageHub.
The upgrade will use Variable-FITT (Forward Intermediate Terminating Trunk) architecture, Scientific-Atlanta's design that allows operators to save as much existing cable as possible while retaining bridger locations, with minimal down time and re-splicing.
A recent survey found that many of us admit to buying things we don't need, and we would gladly trade material possessions and earnings for more down time with the family and a less stressful life.
Woodland's paper machine is scheduled to resume operation for a nine-day period starting August 3, which then will be followed by continued down time effective August 12, to the end of the month.
TechStat will allow a broad range of companies - from large home healthcare agencies to mom-and-pop repair services - to gain a competitive edge within their fields by speeding up their response times and drastically reducing technicians' down time.
Those heavy vehicles need some maintenance, and the crews need down time.