Down's syndrome

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She said she attended the first conference when her daughter, who has Down's syndrome, was eight months old.
Anyone with Down's syndrome is entitled to free membership of the Down's Syndrome Association.
A common misconception is that children with Down's syndrome have low scores on vision tests because they have a learning disability and therefore don't try as hard.
Down's Syndrome Liverpool supported the family fun by turning up to the coffee morning fundraiser.
So the mum-of-one recruited Stepping Stones nursery in Swalwell, Gateshead, to support Harry yesterday by wearing blue and yellow, the Down's Syndrome Association colours, and also by doing some fundraising for the charity.
The relationship of congenital heart disease and respiratory infection mortality in patients with Down's syndrome.
The sponsored trek was completed in time to mark Down's Syndrome Awareness Week, which is currently taking place.
The National Association of Down's Syndrome, which carried out the study, is calling on the Government, LEAs and schools to take urgent action to ensure children with Down's syndrome are no longer disadvantaged.
Carol Boys, chief executive of the Down's Syndrome Association, says: "These survey results are extremely disappointing.
When asked how likely it is that a person with Down's syndrome can achieve 'quality of life goals' such as enjoying good health, attending a mainstream school and later having a job and a partner, many seemed unaware that people with Down's syndrome can have the same life goals as everyone else.
Susy was thirty-two-years old, a Down's Syndrome child.
Maternal serum screening for Down's syndrome in early pregnancy.
The result could eventually be a big victory for people with Down's syndrome, scientists say.
The third edition listed Down's syndrome as a primary spelling and Down syndrome as a secondary variant.