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English lutenist and composer of songs for the lute (1563-1626)


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The Journey And The Labyrinth: The Music Of John Dowland, directed and produced by the Emmy-award winning team, Jim Gable and Ann Kim of Graying & Balding, Inc.
Shakespeare, born the year after Dowland, hovered over this music.
With more than a dozen potential new mines poised to start development within five years, the vice-president of Dowland's Ontario division calls the new joint venture between the Wasaya Group of companies and Dowland a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way things are done.
Essays address music functioning within esoteric and scientific traditions and theories and works by authors like Marsilio Ficino, Tommaso Campanella, Athanasius Kircher, Johannes Kepler, Marin Mersenne, Abu Ma'shar, and Giovanni Battista della Porta, or the influence of those traditions on musical works, such as pieces by John Dowland, Ferruccio Busoni, Orlando di Lasso, Alexander Scriabin, and Anton Webern.
Emma Kirkby - voted into the Top Ten of world sopranos by readers of BBC Music Magazine - will be joined by Sweden's lute maestro Jakob Lindberg in the King's Hall of Newcastle University next Thursday, for a programme entitled Orpheus in England: Songs by Dowland and Purcell.
Rightly entitled Mixing it Up, it opens with a Bach and Dowland sandwich, followed by music from Argentina and the American Deep South.
It follows his critically-acclaimed 2006 album Songs from the Labyrinth which was inspired by the lute songs of English composer John Dowland.
He had never met his father James Dowland before and found the whole experience a little overwhelming.
John Constable was the fourth member of the Sinfonietta here, his subtle pianism a well-judged foil for Paul Silverthorne's viola - a 1620 Amati as mellifluous as any tenor with taste - in Britten's haunting Lachrymae, in a reading which probed to the heart of these variations on fragments by the great lutenist/songwriter John Dowland.
Surface dressing: Byrd Crescent, Dowland Road and Purcell Road, Penarth; Belmont Street, Glencoe Street, Port Road East, Warwick Way, Gloucester Close and St Teilo's Avenue, Barry; Whiteways, Georgian Close, Regency Close and Bedford Rise, Llantwit; Darren Close and Porth y Green Close, Cowbridge; Mallory Close and Scott Close, St Athan; St Bride's Road, Ewenny (junction with Kingswood Close to river bridge); St Bride's Major to Wick road (near junction with Heol Las to lay-by at Pant-y-Groes Lodge); Five-Mile Lane (Weycock Cross roundabout to hawking centre), Barry to Llantwit road (between Weycock Cross and airport roundabouts); Port Road, Wenvoe (between HTV and Alps roundabouts) and Llantwit to Wick Road (junction with Llantwit Road to Wick).
And there's plenty to applaud in her first solo album, a collection of Baroque songs from the likes of Handel, Vivaldi, Bach and Dowland.
She has worked with the greatest in classical and rock - from Liverpool's Sir Simon Rattle, Pierre Boulez and Colin Davis, through to a recent collaboration with legendary pop producer Brian Eno, linking contemporary music back to the Tudor period of Dowland, Tallis and Byrd.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Sting's latest CD, Songs From the Labyrinth -- a personal tribute to Elizabethan composer John Dowland -- lands at the top of the classical charts both domestically and overseas.
2nd class: G Pears 27, R Williams 28, M Shaw 28, N Wright 28, P Battensby 28, N Coleby 29, L Black 31, M Gaskin 32, S Hind 32, P Jackson 33, I Margetts 33, N Dowland 34, R Bunting 38, D White 38, J Noble 40.
The first evening features the music of Mozart, and later concerts highlight Robert Schumann's ``Fairy Tales,'' two of Johann Sebastian Bach's ``Brandenberg Concertos,'' compositions by Franz Schubert, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Serge Prokofiev and a rarely heard masterwork by the 17th-century English composer John Dowland.