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a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together

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White or cream canvas fabric Mod Podge Stuffy Fabric Stiffener Pearlized paints Dowel rod and 2 finials
Tasks Minimum Maximum Mean SD Dowel rod task Vertical (centimeters) 1.
Slide the dowel rod through the holes so the birds will have somewhere to perch while they eat.
A swath of black fabric mesh, resembling a bat wing in a taxidermy display, is carefully supported in Count Dracula by a slanted X of painted black wood and a jigged wood base with a movable dowel rod that angles the fabric.
Even with the little gun inside, I could not poke or pry it out of the Life Jacket, even when I used a small dowel rod.
6) Cut a hole below the openings to pass the dowel rod through.
Cut the dowel rod in half and put it into the bottle.
Start with a dowel rod six inches or more long, and about 11/32 diameter (I use old arrow shafts).
With Dan Wilson's help, the women settled on a series of dowel "teepees" holding up sections of dowel rod long enough to display six quilts in back-to-back trios.
For a simple smoke house you will need a cardboard box, a stove pipe, some rocks, charcoal, hardwood for smoking (we will discuss this in a minute), 8-20 feet of dowel rod, and some scrap wood.
Drill hole in the bottom of the bird, as well as in the scrap wood base, and insert a dowel rod.
Attach a five inch high piece of wood to the metal rake teeth, and attach a long one and one half inch diameter dowel rod to the handle with screws.
The original rubbing block is glued to a dowel rod cut to fit inside the frame of th eImprimagic.