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a joint made by fastening ends together without overlapping

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Withdrawal and bending strength of dowel joints constructed of plywood and oriented strandboard.
For the three species studied, it can be generally said that loose tenon joint performance falls somewhere in between that of the traditional M&T joint and the dowel joint.
Dowel joints involve two types of stress: shear and withdrawal.
Bending strength and moment rotation characteristics of two-pin moment-resisting dowel joints.
A part of this study is based on single dowel joints with a 10-mm-thick central metal plate inserted Those glue laminated fir timber assemblies were loaded at 0, 45, and 90 degrees to the grain.
The lateral edge resistance of dowel joints has been studied in solid wood (Eckelman 1971); in particleboard and medium density fiberboard (Madriz 1997); and in plywood and OSB (Zhang et al.
Experimental results indicated traditional adhesive-based mortise-and-tenon joints yielded the highest bending moment capacity among the four types of tested joints, and that minifix plus dowel joints had the lowest bending moment capacity.
Mortise and tenon joints were used in preference to the more usually seen dowel joints, and there was also a refreshing respect for the timber itself, which was often a prime focus within Betty''s designs.
Koch offers its Sprint Series high-performance drilling and dowel insertion machines for the manufacturing of dowel joints in the production of casegoods, drawers, cabinet and furniture frame parts, solid wood rails, stiles, jambs and posts.
A TO PUSH dowel joints together, place a scrap piece of softwood over the joint and gently tap with a mallet.
Q We are enclosing one complete set of rails and panels all machined for dowel joints along with this letter for your expert inspection.
2003) investigated the fatigue life of T-shaped, end-to-side assemblies using two-pin dowel joints by subjecting them to one-sided constant and stepped cyclic bending loading.
end-to-side, two-pin dowel joints was investigated (Zhang et al.