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the widow of a king

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According to AOL Latino's "Dinero y Exito" service, the Colombia-based weekly magazine Semana has reported that the 69-year-old Mexican billionaire is dating Jordan's dowager Queen Noor (AKA Lisa Halabi), the 57-year-old widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan.
They also represent a range of social types from slave and low-caste social bandit to freedman regent and dowager queen (pp.
Diaries of the time tell us he needed her moral support throughout the ceremony, so much so that by being in the Abbey she broke a centuries-old tradition that no dowager queen was present at a crowning.
The great dowager queen of Manhattan, the Empire State Building, towered over the cityscape like Oz when in was completed in a civic display of triumph over the Great Depression.
The Hybrid Tea Queen, Floribunda Queen, Miniature Queen, Shrub Queen, Dowager Queen and other trophy winners will be presented their awards at 2 p.
Established in 1911, City Floral Greenhouse and Garden Center is the dowager queen of Denver's commercial greenhouses.
On April 16, the first sitting day following the death of Her Majesty The Queen Mother on March 30, the Senate paid tribute to the Dowager Queen and adopted a formal motion of sympathy to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
George VI dies and the dowager queen becomes known as the Queen Mother.
As dowager Queen for almost 50 years, Queen Elizabeth had a state-subsidised staff and income, but no official authority.
The dowager queen Cersei will stand trial and will be judged by seven septas - can she talk her way out of her shame?
She carried the Dowager Queen Adelaide, widow of King William IV - known as the Sailor King - to Malta in 1838.
But the choice female role has always been widowed dowager Queen Margaret, who prophesies doom with vicious accuracy.
And of all the qualities they admire in their dowager queen, it is probably her pluck they love most.