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an indicator of stock market prices

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On the same day The Times is published, customers will be able to obtain electronic delivery of The New York Times News Service on three popular services available on Dow Jones News/Retrieval, and through DowVision.
The poll was conducted among the Dow Jones Wealth Management Advisory Council in January 2007.
The Wells Dow Jones Wilshire Global RESI Index Fund marks the first time the full Dow Jones Wilshire Global RESI, launched in March 2006, has been licensed for an investment product.
Paul Ingrassia, president of Dow Jones Newswires, said, "The VentureWire acquisition accelerates the growth of Dow Jones Newsletters and gives us an innovative online platform for the creation, distribution and marketing of specialized business news.
Yet newsprint prices are soaring; advertising is spotty; and Dow Jones stock remains in the doldrums, recently trading at $35 a share, a deep discount to the $56 it fetched before the 1987 stock-market crash.
Dow Jones Headlines offer one to three short items of general interest about world and business news, sports and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, sent every 30 minutes from 9 a.
Tomorrow's News Today from Capital Markets Report tells bond, money and currency market professionals what they need to know about today's market, and what they need to know to prepare for tomorrow's events," said Joe Cappitelli, director, product management, Dow Jones NewswiresCoAmericas.
Dow Jones has also given public guidance of use of proceeds which includes the acquisition of the remaining 50% stake in Factiva for $153 million (excluding $7 million preferred equity retained by Reuters) with the balance to be used for debt reduction.
In March 2005, Dow Jones Indexes was appointed branding and licensing agent, in addition to joint marketing agent alongside CDS IndexCo.
Capital IQ Real-Time enables financial professionals to view Dow Jones Newswires' real-time coverage of global equities markets and seamlessly access, on the same screen, a deep historical view of any company or sector.
A new study commissioned by Dow Jones Newswires from CEG Worldwide, "Cultivating the Affluent Client," finds that clients want 28 contacts per year, on average, with some top clients preferring as many as 48 meaningful contacts per year from their financial advisors.
The enhanced Dow Jones News Archives is now comprised of Dow Jones news and information dating back to January 1986, including Dow Jones Newswires, all editions of The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.
The expanded program is flexible and supports all Dow Jones news and information solutions, from the flagship Dow Jones News Service to the recently-launched Dow Jones Total Coverage, with a combination of in-person training, user reference materials and online resources.
com provides customers with browser-based access to the Dow Jones content they use daily on their information vendor's desktop - including news, commentary and analysis, as well as stock price and index information.
Now, Dow Jones News Archives offers traders and quantitative analysts a comprehensive store of Dow Jones news, with a real-time feed to update the archives and facilitate algorithmic trading.