Strait of Dover

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the strait between the English Channel and the North Sea

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We are not taking things for granted and we are keeping a careful eye on the section as she is quite fragile, but then anything would be after spending 73 years in the hostile Dover Straits.
Right, the painstaking process of lifting it from the Dover Straits and recovery
Leading Cadet James Heath and Petty Officer Sam Beckett spent the week alongside their Royal Navy counterparts, travelling the south coast of England, the Dover Straits and around the English Channel.
We were tracking him and we put out a routine broadcast every hour to alert vessels in the Dover Straits of any hazards or unorthodox crossings so that vessels in the area could keep a lookout,' he said.
A similar agreement with the French Government covers the ETV in the Dover Straits.
Today's meeting also features stars like Cezzane, Dover Straits, Tamayaz, Spindrift and Kammtara.