Strait of Dover

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the strait between the English Channel and the North Sea

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The Malta Maritime Authority said it had received reports that the ship was boarded by men posing as police in Swedish waters on July 24, days before it entered the Dover Strait.
A spokesman for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman said yesterday: ``Passage will be through the Dover Strait.
Two ships collided in the Dover strait because of dense fog but neither of the vessels required assistance.
In total, his distance will be 1,543 laps of 14 pools equating to 22 miles - the same as crossing the Dover Strait of the English Channel.
A LARGE container ship carrying more than 42,700 tonnes of cargo ran aground in the busy Dover Strait today.
AlphaGraphics had already fallen to last place after a lightning strike caused the yacht's navigation system to fail and the loss of the liferaft in the Dover Strait delayed them by more than 25 miles.
Traffic-choked sea lanes in the Dover Strait left little room for a passenger cruise liner to avoid a collision that ripped a huge chunk from its bow, says an official report.
It's very different from sailing on the open ocean because the Dover Strait is so densely packed with traffic.
Supertugs were needed in three key areas: northwest Scotland, the Dover Strait, and the Western Approaches.
A Defence Ministry spokesman said: "We are aware four Russian naval ships have passed through the Dover Strait, which all ships have the right to do under international law.
You can look it up on the website of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation which tells you that the Dover Strait is the busiest shipping lane in the world and that it's best to play by the rules.
Assuming that going it alone is out of the question and that the Security Council stalls (initially Russia, now most likely even the UK) and guessing that France may very well look across the Dover Strait towards London in order to redefine its own position, everything boils down to US President Barack Obama.
The Dover Strait is only 21 miles wide, and yet we treat it as if it were an ocean between us and everywhere else.
The stable went on to stamp their mark on the ten furlong contest, winning it with Dover Straits (1995), Tamayaz (1996), Kammtarra (1997), Spindrift (1999), Dubai Millennium (2000), Street Cry (2002), Grandera (2003), Electrocutionist (2006) and Jalil (2008).
The South East has seen a 59% reduction in crashes since the distribution of 40,000 window-mounted lenses to eliminate blind spots on left-hand drive trucks entering the UK across the Dover Straits.