Strait of Dover

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the strait between the English Channel and the North Sea

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The Arctic Sea, with a 15-strong Russian crew, disappeared shortly after passing through the Dover Strait between France and Britain in late July.
Britain's Maritime and Coastguard Agency said the vessel last made radio contact with maritime officials last month before entering the Dover Strait between Britain and France.
This led to an outcry from conservation groups and MSPs and it was confirmed yesterday that the hulks will now go through the Dover Strait.
The Russian vessels, including the smoke-belching aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, were shadowed by the Navy as they passed through the Dover Strait - one of the busiest seaways in the world.
More than 400 commercial vessels use the Dover Strait every day, according to Government figures.
At 49,000 gross registered tonnes and 213 metres in length, Spirit of Britain is by far the largest ferry ever built for service on the Dover Strait.
Seven years ago, Woods narrowly missed crashing into passenger ferries when he sailed his boat the wrong way down one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, the Dover Strait.
The ship was last heard from on July 28 making contact with British maritime officials and then sailing through the Dover Strait.
Coastguards watched in horror on radar as Captain Yuriy Moskalenko, 40, meandered all over the Dover Strait - the world's busiest shipping lane.
Sept 4: MCA reveals the ships will have to cross the Dover Strait en route to Teesside.
The outcry among conservation groups, MSPs and within the Scottish Executive led to that route being scrapped and the hulks will now be towed through the Dover Strait.
Two ships collided in the Dover strait because of dense fog but neither of the vessels required assistance.
The U-8 sank off the coast of Folkestone in Kent in March 1915 after being snared in anti-submarine nets as it passed through the Dover Strait.
Our plans to use the aircraft in the Midlands for spotting duties across England and Wales follows a review of the service and the decline in the need to monitor the Dover Strait from the air because of the introduction of new technologies," she said.