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the capital of the state of Delaware

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Once more, the Dover mail struggled on, with the jack-boots of its passengers squashing along by its side.
The pace was suddenly checked, and, with much splashing and floundering, a man's voice called from the mist, "Is that the Dover mail?
He opened it in the light of the coach-lamp on that side, and read--first to himself and then aloud: "`Wait at Dover for Mam'selle.
It was nine-forty-five that night that Tarzan entered the squalid "pub" on the water-front in Dover.
At length, confused by fright and heat, and doubting whether half London might not by this time be turning out for my apprehension, I left the young man to go where he would with my box and money; and, panting and crying, but never stopping, faced about for Greenwich, which I had understood was on the Dover Road: taking very little more out of the world, towards the retreat of my aunt, Miss Betsey, than I had brought into it, on the night when my arrival gave her so much umbrage.
Then I can take Ajax to Dover, you see, and arrive at school only a day late.
Ga- waine -- Gawaine's head is at Dover Castle, he fell in the fight there -- Gawaine appeared to Arthur in a dream, at least his ghost did, and warned him to re- frain from conflict for a month, let the delay cost what it might.
Since February, 12 Dover Downs Hotel & Casino employees who held positions varying from line cooks to dishwashers to housekeeping staff, have progressed through the company's second annual Culinary Advancement Program.
Dover Motorsports through its subsidiaries, markets and promotes motorsports entertainment in the US.
This will reinstate, at quieter times, the national speed limit along the A20 which was reduced to 40mph in April 2015, as part of Dover TAP.
The plan for the Villages at Dover Point calls for 18 new townhouses in two stand-alone buildings and 10 apartments and 6,000 square feet of office space in the third.
Vanarama Conference DOVER ATHLETIC 2 WREXHAM 0 the last thing the Dragons needed after their horrendous showing in a 4-0 defeat to AFC Telford on Saturday.
Ms Maxwell said Daniel Dover, who has depression and a personality disorder, wanted to leave so when his dad stood in his way he pulled a serrated kitchen knife out of a drawer and stabbed him three times, once to the chin and twice to his stomach, perforating his bowel.
Needham Bank has announced a plan to open a branch in Dover.
Dover Corporation has completed the acquisition of Italy-based MS Printing Solutions S.