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1 percent for the Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, and red oak, respectively.
The company also tested rooted cutting technologies in Douglas-fir and loblolly pine and reached the same conclusion.
Areal bark loss appeared to be species dependent, with Douglas-fir incurring more than twice as much bark loss as ponderosa pine.
This research examined wood properties of small-diameter plantation-grown Douglas-fir and western hemlock with the goal of a better understanding of utilization of small-diameter, fast-grown trees for use in manufacturing engineered wood composites.
Native seedlings of coulter pine, white fir, and bigcone Douglas-fir are being handed out to private landowners who have lost trees either from the 2003 wildfires or bark beetle infestation.
The State's support for this project coupled with the commitment of a broad range of donors and Eel River Sawmill's responsiveness and patience makes possible the protection of these sensitive lands so important to the wildlife that depend on old growth redwoods and Douglas-fir," said Kate Anderton, the League's acting Executive Director.
A testing program was conducted to investigate the modulus of elasticity (MOE) and bending strength of Canadian coastal Douglas-fir and Hem-Fir timber.
AMERICAN FORESTS will plant approximately 30,000 ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, Jeffrey pine, and incense cedar seedlings in Onion Valley, approximately 6 miles off the I-80 Emigrant Gap exit.
Our intention is to focus our Northwest forest management and manufacturing activities away from the inland pine region and to the Douglas-fir areas of Oregon and Washington.
Both MPB veneer and Douglas-fir veneer were rated by modulus of elasticity (MOE or E) in the mill and then randomly sampled for pilot plant manufacturing of 5-ply single species/grade, mixed grade, and mixed species/grade plywood.
Unfortunately for megatree lovers, old-growth Douglas-fir forests were loved as much for their board-feet as their skyward view, meaning only a tiny fraction of these living treasures remain and the greatest specimens are gone.
Sharp said Weyerhaeuser will continue to play a major role in the Pacific Northwest forest products industry, but will focus its efforts in western Oregon and western Washington, where its manufacturing facilities are situated closer to the company's highly productive Douglas-fir timberlands.
Approximately 375 Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine logs, 3 to 6 inches in diameter, were tested in third-point bending and in compression parallel to the grain.
It's generally part of understory vegetation in association with spruce, cedar, hemlock, Douglas-fir, red fir, redwood, and even certain pine and oak shrublands.
Fixation and leaching characteristics of chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated Douglas-fir sapwood and heartwood were evaluated using the expressate method and the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) E11-97 leaching procedure.