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Its fellow Douglas firs have an average height of around 32 metres.
As the animals step back in tandem, the man loops a choker around a felled Douglas fir.
The Douglas fir was named after Perthshire environmentalist David Douglas, who was born 200 years ago.
Photo: Two trees cut from a clump of spindly Douglas firs (above) go into a bucket (right) to form a bushier single tree
Besides wanting the tower to look like a Douglas fir, Smith said he would be willing to consider a cell tower at the course "if it met approval through the planning department's application process.
says that Douglas fir wood's strength and weight vary considerably depending on the part of the country it comes from.
At 60ft, Plas Cwm Coed's Douglas Fir was relatively small, but quite big enough to smash the house if it had fallen differently Of these four shelterbelt layouts, the one at the left provides the least effective protection.
The giant Douglas Fir tree trunks make painfully slow progress from Bergwm forest to Builth Wells for the Royal Welsh Show's pole climbing competition
In oak areas, the focus will be on removing Douglas firs, Steel said.
The aerial view over rural parts of western Oregon and Washington resembles the watery terrain of the Midwest during the flooding of 1993, with Douglas firs and evergreens protruding from the water instead of corn silos.
For the last year, the retired history teacher has ordered hundreds of ornaments and spent endless hours of research to custom-decorate 30 faux Douglas firs.
Blumel traveled to the Portland and Tacoma areas in the fall to select 1,500 Noble and Douglas firs to sell at their Valencia lot, for customers who prefer not to cut their own Monterey pine.
The dozens of unsold noble, grand and Douglas firs at Stu Miller's Christmas tree lot in Saugus don't worry manager Stephanie Wood-Menga.
They also had to order the imports of noble and Douglas firs from Oregon.
Mossy rocks and gnarled Douglas firs form a craggy backdrop to the Patkaus' crisply articulated planar geometries.