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Synonyms for doughnut

a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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where there was a doughnut shop on practically every corner.
Thean started working in a Reseda doughnut shop owned by a distant relative at age 17, shortly after he arrived in L.
The brightly colored doughnut shop celebrates the individual and encourages consumers to find their "inner doughnut genius" by choosing from 15 different glazes and 15 different toppings.
Thursday, the American dream left her doughnut shop in the hands of her brother, Try Hong, and went to pick up her little girls from summer school.
Krispy Kreme recently opened two of its new smaller doughnut shops in North Carolina, one in Winston-Salem and the other east of Raleigh in Knightdale.
We were afraid when Starbucks came in,'' Vonda admitted, looking around her doughnut shop where every seat was taken.
The new office is in a former doughnut shop, which was converted to provide a base of operations for the 27 sheriff's volunteers who work in the Acton area and to give Acton's resident deputy an office to write reports and coordinate operations.
Luis'': Character actor Luis Guzman stars as the proprietor of a Spanish Harlem doughnut shop frequented by oddball characters.
OXNARD - A suspected serial doughnut shop robber was killed early Friday in a shootout with police when he attempted to hold up the same doughnut shop he had robbed five times in five weeks, authorities said.
But that hasn't deterred Grand Cuisine from opening in Canoga Park at 22330 Sherman Way in a former doughnut shop.
PALMDALE - Two robbers armed with a gun held up a doughnut shop early Sunday, deputies said.
The family formerly owned a doughnut shop in North Hollywood, Steve Lee said, and they sold it to buy Blinkie's.
LANCASTER - Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies have identified Trisha Kay Martin as the woman who set herself on fire in front of a Lancaster doughnut shop Sunday morning.
LANCASTER _ Investigators are seeking the public's help in identifying a woman who set herself on fire in front of a Lancaster doughnut shop Sunday morning.
LANCASTER - A woman apparently set herself on fire Sunday morning outside a doughnut shop, authorities said.