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a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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For the legs, arrange three sets of three chocolate doughnut holes coming off of each side of the ''body'' doughnut.
CVS, which has 7,300 pharmacies and 600 Minute Clinics, has distributed 750,000 brochures on Medicare's preventive benefits and the Part D doughnut hole, and has given patients some 30 million receipts imprinted with similar information, Helena Foulkes, executive vice president for CVS Caremark, said during the press briefing.
To inform this issue, the authors provide a theoretical discussion to demonstrate that the optimal location of the doughnut hole depends on an individual's probability of incurring health care expenditures, and hence upon the person's health status and whether he/she has a chronic illness.
Next year, patient cost sharing for brand-name drugs will be cut in half, and the doughnut hole will be closed completely by 2020.
Plan members must pay 100% of their drug costs when they reach an amount between $2,250 and $5,100--the so-called doughnut hole.
Some Part D plans make the doughnut hole more manageable.
Once in the doughnut hole, patients receive no help with drug costs until they have spent $2,285 out of pocket to reach the catastrophic threshold of $5,100.
The doughnut hole is peculiar because it goes directly against the general design of insurance.
The doughnut hole will apply to Medicare-only beneficiaries (such as many assisted living residents and short-stay nursing home patients), but it will not apply to dual eligibles (who constitute a larger proportion of nursing home residents).
since ADAP spending for those in the doughnut hole will not count toward TROOP.
Using a slotted spoon to pick up one or two doughnut holes at a time, gently lower three or four holes into oil and cook, turning once, until golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes (to check timing, cut first doughnut hole to test).
Ships legally can, and do, empty their tanks in such places, including one such doughnut hole at the entrance to famed Glacier Bay National Park.
Because the second pulse is doughnut-shaped, with blobs of light above and below its doughnut hole, the red light confines fluorescence to a roughly spherical spot 100 nm across.
The area, known as the Western Gap or doughnut hole, is thought to hold some deep-water reserves of crude oil and natural gas, although the amounts are uncertain.
Seniors who reach the doughnut hole will get a discount of about 50 percent on most brand-name drugs and 7 percent on generics.