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an American infantryman in World War I

a rounded lump of dough that is deep-fried and served as hot bread

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What Gutierrez reveals is a generational portrait of men who believed strongly in the old abstractions lamented by Hemingway and his cohort: Namely, doughboys emerged from a clearly defined culture of heroic masculinity and fought out of a sense of duty and patriotism.
Did doughboys face a Fussellian disconnection between their experiences and the realities of combat?
In Doughboys on the Great War, Gutierrez has written a landmark study of soldiers whose living memory has now faded, but whose voices are preserved within these pages.
Previous Doughboy Award winners include Bob Hope, H.
CSM Mellinger was presented the award last week at the 2015 Doughboy Dinner and Award Presentation at the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Georgia.
Therefore, on some nights, the marching doughboys had to eat, rest, and sleep alongside the road wherever they had stopped.
In other cases, the doughboys themselves added to the confusion.
Though doughboy is most closely connected with World War I, the word dates back to before the 20th century.
The striking voices of the veterans and Rubin's admirable effort to make those voices heard make The Last of the Doughboys an important contribution to World War I military history.
It also meant, however, that the doughboys in selected units would be staying in Europe while their buddies went home.
With the rapid influx of doughboys from the United States to the frontlines in France, plans had been made before the armistice to organize a third Army.
Edwards, the Doughboys and Jordanaires were up for the award last year, but lost out.
The army's hopes that the doughboys would constitute a reliable source of support for enhanced military budgets quickly proved misplaced.
Still-pregnant Anne Heche (otherwise known as Celestia) grabbing coffee and pastries at Doughboys in Hollywood with her hetero hunk in tow.
69), while John Blanchette of Los Angeles is a fan of Doughboys Bakery and Cafe, 8136 W.