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any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not

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Written in plain terms, The Way of Ignorance takes a cold, hard look at the doubletalk and doublethink that saturates modern American airwaves, stripping them down to bare conundrums, all with a heavy dose of the author's practical evaluation.
In his book, Kozol accepts this doubletalk as gospel and urges the reader to discard the naive view that education can be politically neutral.
It provides clear insight into business chicanery, regulatory ineptitude and political doubletalk.
The explanation for the removal of a painting of Princess Diana from its place of prominence in Cardiff City Hall has all the hallmarks of official doubletalk.
While whining about the lack of sensitive men, have we indulged in doubletalk, still stubbornly giving the nod of respect to the man who is mean and hard and difficult to pin down?
It would move our political debate forward and give voters a real choice instead of the Tweedledee, Tweedledum doubletalk we're getting today.
Of course, it is not only bureaucrats and politicians who resort to doubletalk and euphemisms.
His doubletalk notwithstanding, Gorbachev has plainly stated that his goal is world government--a Marxist-Leninist world government.
Until this cycle of excuses and doubletalk ends, the rest of us won't be able to separate the good from the bad.
Some have even snidely referred to it as "Political Correctness," sounding like Orwellian 1984 doubletalk or Newspeak, but instead of "War is Peace," the insinuation is "Correctness is Incorrect.
Nor is it inconsistent that Cornel West touted Powell in The New Yorker article and has been twisting himself like a pretzel, overtaxing his prodigious capacity for doubletalk in rationalizing Farrakhan's gambit.
Next to Niering's book, such political doubletalk seems like the kind of quagmire that must be dispensed with.
The operator will leverage a combination of Comtech EF Data products, including CDM-625A/L Advanced Satellite Modems with DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier , CSAT 5060 C-Band Transceivers along with the NetVue Integrated Management System.
The migration to a 3G network will be carried out by simply enabling the optional IP Packet Processor of Comtech EF Data's CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem with DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier, and most importantly, without increasing the satellite bandwidth while maintaining the service quality.