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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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ANKARA, Dec 2, 2009 (TUR) -- A seventeen-year-old doublebass player from Turkey has won the second prize at Tchaikovsky Competition for String Instruments.
Not content to write his Piano Concertos Nos 11,12 and 13 for public performance,he strove to get maximum economic value from them by arranging them for piano and string quartet including doublebass.
Jeff Bradetich is regarded as one of the leading performers and teachers of the doublebass in the United States today.
However, Ituarte made a wise choice in inviting two young talents to contribute: Arturo Luna on doublebass and Alejandro "Pinocho" Lopez on drums.
A finger-plucked instrument with brass wire strings, larger than a lute, and used in the bass and partly doublebass registers, its rich and resonant sound cannot be duplicated by any other instrument, early or modern.
Certainly the playing was controlled and colourful, though the acoustic and cramped staging meant conductor Andrew Davis' careful signalling of doublebass detail in the finale had an inaudible response.