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The sight of him trying to double-talk his way out of the questions only he can answer churns the stomach.
The campaign imagery shows that Adobe feels what designers feel, and the text communicates in a voice that is sophisticated, yet honest, human and real, without any technical jargon and advertising double-talk.
Meanwhile, in the parallel universe that is Ian Beale's love-life, he now finds himself with not one Jane, but two and a whole lot of double-talk to do.
The device delivers exceptional performance is double-talk situations.
Mousie would go into this crazy double-talk nobody could understand.
In a variety of conversation scenarios these specialists evaluated performance in single-talk and double-talk steady state and convergence periods.
Available now, ZLS38502 firmware incorporates unique noise reduction and echo cancellation techniques to allow designers to overcome distortion, echo and double-talk issues that plague speakerphones.
Despite the steady stream of denials and double-talk, Lisa Gritzner, chief of staff to Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, told a public meeting Tuesday night what many had long seen as obvious.
167 and includes an adaptive filter, non-linear processor (NLP), double-talk detector, comfort noise generator and a control system, all of which are crucial in a high-performance AEC.
The new platform helps designers deal with complex noise situations, such as echo, background noise and double-talk that have traditionally plagued hands-free communication systems.
Instead, it has attempted to rule through spin, double-talk and protestations of wounded innocence.
It is time for action to ensure open instant messaging; not more delay and double-talk from AOL.
The new single- chip solution helps designers of speakerphones and hands-free car kits to more effectively deal with complex noise conditions, such as high background noise, echo and double-talk.
The EC-8000 provides enhanced double-talk performance, with minimum clipping and residual echo, as a result of the adaptive algorithm and spectrally-weighted Dynamic Noise Injection.
The American people deserve straight-talk and not double-talk," said Rep.