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The small conditional RNAs trick cancer cells into self-destructing by selectively forming long double-stranded RNA polymers that mimic viral RNA.
Issued patents in the Crooke estate already include United States Patent 5,898,031 covering RNA-containing therapeutic compounds, and United States Patent 6,107,094 covering methods of using these compounds to interfere with target RNA function, including not only interrupting protein production with single-stranded and double-stranded (siRNA) antisense compounds but also targeting other RNAs, such as microRNAs.
Rossi and other scientists also aim to turn bits of double-stranded RNA into drugs that eliminate troublesome proteins from cells.
While there was considerable information about molecular events associated with the induction and repair of a double-stranded break, little has been known about events leading to chromosome breaks or the reassociation of broken ends that results in translocations or deletions.
A recent technique for determining single-to double-stranded DNA ratios in solution involves the measurement of the pre-exponential factors in the fluorescence decay traces of dye-DNA complexes.
Screening Framework Guidance for Providers of Synthetic Double-Stranded DNA, issued by the U.
The resulting channel enabled them to move both single- and double-stranded DNA through the membrane.
They also knew that RIG-I was usually active in the presence of double-stranded RNA, not the single-stranded RNA found in most animal cells.
Specifically, the RNA molecules of the present invention are double-stranded ribonucleic acid molecules (dsRNA).
Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), which causes cold sores, uses a short, double-stranded RNA to outwit a cell's defensive measures.
Genetic and biochemical data indicate that siRNAs [19- to 25-nucleotide double-stranded (ds)RNAs] are produced from much larger RNAs by Dicer.
We sequenced a 173-nucleotide fragment of the small double-stranded viruslike RNA of Cryptosporidium parvum isolates from 23 calves and 38 humans.
Patent and Trademark Office for "Crooke Patent" Includes Methods of Activating Endogenous Cellular RNA Nucleases with Chemically Modified Double-Stranded RNAs -
6,506,559) patents and patent applications describing the fundamental use of double-stranded RNA to induce RNA interference.
Zlotnick and his group combined the proteins with 500 base-pair-long pieces of double-stranded DNA in test tubes.