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any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not

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In what is a transparent example of Orwellian double-speak, the White House explained that the revised policy "ensures that if a woman works for religious employers with objections to providing contraceptive services as part of its health plan, the religious employer will not be required to provide, pay for or refer for contraception coverage.
Once again, the politicians use double-speak to turn a situation round to what they think is the benefit to London and have absolutely no idea what is going on in the rest of the country.
In sick double-speak, it is being called an efficiency drive.
On those very rare occasions when they respond at all, it is almost always classic government-style, Orwellian double-speak.
Although the University of Calgary situation stood out as a particularly grievous example of politically correct double-speak and censorship, other Canadian universities have recently experienced similar situations.
Many of us work in institutions where we are asked to accept this double-speak.
Ciancutti-Leyva gently guides the viewer through the double-speak of the world of cosmetic surgery to expose a deeper mourning that evolves from the realization that women's bodies are still the sites of violation with impunity.
Instead, Brown tossed aside much of the Blair double-speak and strode confidently down the path he intends to take on foreign affairs.
The end result: 98 per cent of problematic materials are off the list but Ambrose gets a photo op to claim she is against toxic chemicals--Orwellian double-speak at its best.
In a remarkable example of double-speak, the council spokesman said scrapping the meals would encourage people to "develop more independent living skills".
At the EPA, however, "where double-speak ('sound science,' 'clear skies') has achieved a level that would make George Orwell envious, [the situation] is much bleaker, based on the impression that I receive from limited discussion with colleagues there," Hansen wrote.
Although both Jews and Arabs are Semites, in the convoluted double-speak Zionist world of Philip Mendes apparently it is possible to be both 'anti-Semitic and pro-Arab' (pro-Palestinian).
Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, which advocates on behalf of file-sharers, ridiculed what he called Hollywood's double-speak.
When the trust finally responded to our questions - by fax - they did so in meaningless bureaucratic double-speak.