double-entry bookkeeping

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bookkeeper debits the transaction to one account and credits it to another


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Papers on REA primarily stress using REA to design an accounting system, but wide acceptance of REA as an accounting system design methodology probably would depend on a fundamental reexamination of the accounting model would a move away from double-entry accounting.
Although the software uses the world industry standard of double-entry accounting, Quentin has transformed the whole process making it accessible to those with no training whatsoever.
Although Latin and double-entry accounting have been criticized as irrelevant for the modern world, both provide a basic knowledge foundation.
These programs are intended for small firms that use double-entry accounting methods.
The best QuickBooks tips and techniques to help CFOs get the most out of QuickBooks, including audit trails, double-entry accounting functions, integrating web-based functions (remote access capabilities, electronic banking functions, etc.
As an extension to NetSuite's built-in transaction integrity management, custom GL segments improves accuracy and saves time for the finance department by ensuring that financial impact follows double-entry accounting principles and balances across all segment combinations.
Support and implementation of monitoring activities in the introduction of double-entry accounting
Accounting artifacts are components of accounting that exist only for financial reporting such as journals, ledgers, double-entry accounting, and a chart of accounts.
It fostered the emergence of limited liability companies and organized capital markets, which both grew exponentially over the next several hundred years of the Industrial Age, held together by the glue of double-entry accounting.
Companies struggling to make Quicken function as a double-entry accounting package should consider upgrading to QuickBooks, one of the most popular small business packages.
The ERT GHG Registry Program features serialization of each metric ton of CO2 equivalent reduced versus an emissions baseline, a double-entry accounting framework, and full ownership and transaction tracking for verified emissions reduction credits.
Banana Accounting is a spreadsheet software for Cash management and Double-entry accounting.
Features include double-entry accounting, true closing of books, flexible budgeting, multiple journals, and customizable reports.
Instead of double-entry accounting, fund accounting is in reality double-double-entry, requiring entries to each fund to be balanced in addition to entries in total.
Built on a double-entry accounting foundation, BillingCenter receives billing instructions from Guidewire PolicyCenter and determines the amounts due on a policy or account, manages payments made by insureds, links these payments to the amounts due, and manages the commissions payable to agents from these receipts.