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Synonyms for double up

bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain

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share a room or a bed designed for only one person

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stake winnings from one bet on a subsequent wager

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His latest innovation in suspenders -- Double-Ups -- features the aesthetic look of button-on braces, loved by the fashion world, with the convenience and ease of clips.
Menai High School year 10 student Brie Armson-Graham said that past dress double-ups prompted her and her friends to create the site.
Choose furniture double-ups to make full use of the limited space.
Anyway, combining members, 'likes' and a few scruffy impersonators who should be amazed they've attracted even seven friends, and then allowing for double-ups, there have to be about 10,000 Facebookers ready to press the button on the fateful night that will, whether McCoy wins or loses, define racing's image of itself as rated by the wider public (or at least the public who watch SPOTY).
They ensure there are no gift double-ups, allow for friends and family to give an 'actual' gift rather than a card or certificate while still being confident that the present is what the receiver wanted.