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believing two contradictory ideas at the same time

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Another blogger, Sonny Bunch of Double-think, saw irony in the furor that greeted the MPAA's R rating for the documentary "Bully," yet little over the many times Hollywood blockbusters have been edited to meet the demands of Chinese film authorities.
A Welsh Labour spokesman said the article was a "text book example of Tory political double-think, with deceitful inference built upon factual inaccuracy".
For a while, everybody played politely along; but the tricky double-think involved in this was exposed when the younger brother, Ed, won the leadership, by a razor-thin margin, in a last-minute upset.
17 of the Statement) is a prime example of double-think, which is the ability to hold two diametrically opposed views in one's mind at the same time and believe both of them" (John C.
Accused in the Commons of betraying the Tories' promise to uphold British sovereignty, Mrs May, in a fine example of Orwellian double-think, insisted that the new powers (which give foreign police the right, inter alia, to arrest British citizens in Britain) entailed no loss of sovereignty, another example of democracy losing out to the convenience of the bureaucratic process.
In the double-think that football folk habitually indulge in, that comes as no surprise.
I don't know where this oxymoronic double-think comes from, but I have a hypothesis.
Talking of job creation schemes, an Environment Agency (EA) officer explained an intricate piece of double-think the other day: Those sites where they directly oversee pollution controls will no longer have to receive a second EA group of MCERTS qualified specialists to check the results of the set of EA approved, MCERTS qualified specialists who first measured their emissions to atmosphere.
One can only wonder what the author of "1984" would have thought of the contradictory, double-think ways of Wall Street.
It would be wrong to say it's only the US, but they are in contention for the gold medal in double-think.
Hence, Pietroski's explanatory compatibilism forces us to double-think after all--to accept, in Pietroski's terms (243), that causation is itself multiply realizable.
The natural defense against the progress of euphemism--hypocrisy is a less attractive word for it--is the arrogant double-think of irony: a "set, ironic rictus," Mr.
Schooled in the art of legal double-think, lacking common sense and in desperate need of a moral compass, Stock handed down an atrocious ruling, aggravating the already-existing scars because the father who now has full custody was held responsible for their mother's death.
On the academic front, moving from a legacy of left politics to basic right-wing double-think, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese offered her stellar tract Feminism Is Not the Story of My Life.