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the yellow spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen


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However, because double yolkers tend to occur in young hens, whose hormone systems are not fully developed, and all the hens in a -ock are the same age, it is not unusual to nd more than one double yolker in a box.
A CHEF was given an eggceptional deal after an entire tray of eggs turned out to be double yolkers.
To add to his amazement, Alan then moved his second tray of 27 and has so far found another nine double yolkers.
A spokesperson from the British Egg Information Service said: "It is quite rare - for an egg to be double yolked - the instance of double yolkers is thought to be less than one in a thousand.
She also won't be buying those special packs of double yolkers.
Younger birds often give a double yolker because they are known for doing that on occasion.
The middle one is also a double yolker and we don't know what the big one will have in it.
It is quite rare for an egg to be 'double yolked' and, although we can't be specific, the instance of double yolkers is thought to be less than 0.
The stunned chef was rustling up breakfast in the Cafe Riva by Nardini, in Inverkip, Renfrewshire, when he cracked open six double yolkers.
Then Ross, from Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, cracked another 13 double yolkers on to his grill.
Excited staff wrote on the cafe's Facebook page: "Ross has just made three breakfasts with six double yolkers in a row.