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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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Equally troubling is that Lockheed-Martin developed a suspect firing mechanism for the Hellfire to support the double tap.
According to members of Double Tap, their combined military experience gives them an edge over their competition.
Users can double tap on a notification to read or respond to it by going directly to the app without unlocking the screen, swipe left or right to dismiss it, swipe upwards from the bottom to unlock the device or tap on the Home Key represented by a circle icon on the bottom of the screen to do nothing.
DANCING QUEEN : Eloise Gledhill, double tap dancing champion (PC230410Bgledhill-02)
I'd be a modest millionaire if I had five bucks for every double tap I've seen that did not work in a tactical scenario.
A double tap on the Nokia 6600 fold also snoozes alerts and silences or rejects incoming phone calls.
Laser Devices announces its Electronic Double Tap Switch (EDTS) End Cap for Operator OP-6 Tactical Lights.
With only one button on its face, a home button, you tap on-screen buttons, scroll with a finger swipe, pinch your index finger and thumb together to zoom in, open them to zoom out, double tap to enlarge, and turn the device sideways for a landscape view of what is normally in portrait format.
Stone said: "I decided I would run up behind him when he was on the steps going down, fire one shot into the back of his head, then a double tap into his torso to make sure.
Featuring resolution of 4-milli-g/LSB (least-significant bit) across all g ranges, single tap and double tap detection, activity and inactivity detection, free fall detection, and user-programmable threshold levels, the new accelerometer also includes I(U)C and three- and four-wire SPI (serial peripheral interface) digital interfaces and a voltage range of 1.
For instance, you just double tap on the display to wake the tablet up.
com Xbox 360 rapid fire controller has several beneficial modes such as the Sniper Double Tap mode, the Auto Tagging mode and the Fast Reload mode to make conquering Requiem, and any other world Master Chief might come across, easy.
The double tap as described by some is the compression of the trigger once the muzzle is on target at a speed as close to the cyclic rate as the shooter and pistol can manage.