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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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To change the zoom level, users can double tap on the screen with two fingers and slide.
Caption: David Tubb's Absolute 2-Hole ammunition is a 1-shot double tap.
The focus can be on an icon at the bottom of the home screen, but the learner can double tap anywhere and still open the icon because of where the focus is placed.
By combining the increased memory resources and integrated capacitive touch IOs on the MST430G2xx5 devices, developers can implement more sophisticated capacitive touch capabilities like swipe, gesturing, double tap, and proximity effects within their applications.
The bigger fish are a more solid double tap, often followed by a gentle pulling, presumably as the fish moves off with the bait.
Users double tap anywhere on the maps to bring A/FD and instrument approaches.
CORBON, Double Tap, Hornady, Remington, and Silver State Armory offer 6.
The app allows users to swipe between multiple pages and to double tap to enlarge any indicator.
Double tap means that the military fires two Hellfire missiles at each target in order to ensure that at least one hits the target.
Meanwhile, flick the surface to replicate the scroll-wheel function, tap to stop and double tap to page up/down - you'll love it.
DANCING QUEEN : Eloise Gledhill, double tap dancing champion (PC230410Bgledhill-02)
Features include double tap and drag-and-drop controls, along with an accelerometer "shaking" feature that can be used to return lettered tiles to their starting position.
Stone said: "I decided I would run up behind him when he was on the steps going down, fire one shot into the back of his head, then a double tap into his torso to make sure.
Heather plays a narcotics cop who goes undercover as a dying crack addict to bust a drug empire in Double Tap.
TrueNav creates new levels of freedom for gamers including tap, double tap, tap and drag, as well as gestures and combo moves.