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a system of two stars that revolve around each other under their mutual gravitation

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To determine the separation, the double stars were aligned along the bottom of the 180[degrees] "fan" scale.
The first comprehensive catalogue of southern double stars was published in 1847 by Sir John Herschel, based on his observations at the Cape in 1834-1838.
During the 2011 European Symposium on Occultation Projects (ESOP) hosted by the Achenhold Observatory in Berlin and attended by members of IOTA's European Section (IOTAES), Tim Haymes and I discussed observing occultations of double stars in addition to our regular asteroidal occultation programmes.
Wenger is convinced his squad are on the way to emulating Arsenal's Double stars of 1998.
Second placed Saltbox Youth had double stars in John Lawson and Tony Willis as they had a dramatic 5-4 victory at Doric.
Go to a star party and you'll find yourself alone in the dark with a bunch of people you don't know, looking at things you don't understand: hundred-billion-star galaxies, double stars, nebulas, planets, Jupiter's eye, passing comets.
The prime telescopic targets will be the Moon, the red planet Mars, and the ringed planet Saturn, but we hope to go after the asteroid Vesta, several colorful double stars, two showpiece star clusters, and perhaps a remote galaxy or two.
A pair of prominent, wide double stars can be seen north of Kapteyn's Star, which should help you spot its position.
W H van den Bos (Gill Medalist 1960) joined the Union Observatory to measure double stars and to search the southern skies for more.
Double stars are not greatly affected by the bright summer skies, and it is a good time to search out some of the classic doubles.
These rotating double stars beam radio waves -- observed from Earth as flashes -- tens of times a second.
She is cutting back on her deep-sky observations and will in future concentrate on double stars.
Since then, the discoveries of six additional worlds orbiting double stars further demonstrated planets can form and persist in the environs of a double-star system.
Double stars or suns are typical in the universe, and now we know that planets can orbit around these intriguing phenomena, he said.
Thirdly, the close juxtaposition of the components in many visual double stars such as [gamma] And and [epsilon] Boo enhances the apparent contrast.