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an ethical or moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another

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In an interview with Sputnik, Jacques Myard an MP from France's center-right opposition party, The Republicans, slammed Turkey's double standards on Syria, saying that Ankara acts as a dilettante when it comes to Middle East policy, Sputnik reported.
Mr Higgins should know that the positions of Attorney General and Solicitor General are filled from the ranks of MPs who are also practising QCs so, if Mr Cox is guilty of anything in continuing to practice, it is aspiration and not double standards.
It's that double standard and I think that I am doing something for the double standard.
BJP has double standards pertaining to morality, if they are convicted by the court or some allegations have been put against them, then they are free to move around freely and not resign.
ISLAMABAD -- Former president of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) , Asma Jahangir has said if Pervez Musharraf has to be prosecuted under treason charges then double standard be shunned and trial be conducted from time mess started creeping in .
UAE Foreign Minister HH Abdullah Bin Zayed has urged the international community to carry out their responsibilities and put an end to the policy of double standards towards the Palestinian people
A COUNCIL has been accused of double standards after a traffic warden's van was photographed parked on yellow lines as he took down details of a car.
The fact that she looks and, if the gymnastic feats on the beach are anything to go by, acts like a 35-yearold, is swiftly swatted away by our old friend: Double Standards.
PDSH and NDP accused the Macedonian Government of double standards in its policy with Serbia on one side and Albania and Kosovo on the other.
I say double standards because children who are taken into care do not have their parents forced to contribute to the system that will be looking after them.
Criticizing the nuclear countries' double standards vis-a-vis the nuclear arsenals around the globe, the conferees said nuclear policies were undermining stability around the world.
This Western double standards blackmailed by an anti-semitism label is the root of all this mayhem in the Arab world.
Why do the Kirkby based councillors remain silent over these blatant double standards applied between the interests of Kirkby and those of Huyton?
Rounds one and two of Lebanon's municipal elections held over the last two weekends were a stark example of the double standards of Lebanese politicians, opined Nabil Boumounsef in the Beirut daily AN NAHAR Wednesday.
Summary: United Nations - Morocco's Ambassador to the UN, Mohamed Loulichki, hailed, here on Tuesday, the commitment of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (HCHR) to insure impartiality and avoid double standards in achieving its mission.