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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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peppered with unsightly double quotation marks and throughout displays a
Remember, placing double quotation marks around a phrase forces your search engine to look for that exact group of words.
All searches are by word within the selected fields on an album, but one can use a phrase by surrounding the words with double quotation marks.
Surrounding a name in double quotation marks reduces the number of false hits, but also increases the probability of missing some recordings because fore-names are not always given.
In normal usage terms are not quoted; double quotation marks are used to indicate what someone else said or wrote.
In the entry for October 3, 1800, Dorothy's "10 children" becomes "ten children" in Woof, and there are other variants in the same entry as well: Dorothy's "shd" (in the manuscript) becomes "should" (in Woof), although "Win" remains "Wm"; some of Dorothy's dashes are changed to periods and one is changed to a semi-colon; "it" is changed to "It"; and Dorothy's double quotation marks are changed to single quotation marks.