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an affirmative constructed from two negatives

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a grammatically substandard but emphatic negative

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According to the intuitionist response, the anti-realist is able to reconcile KP and CI by rejecting classical logic and, in particular, double negation elimination.
As expected (Haegeman 1995), the co-occurrence of two such forms produced a double negation reading:
Finally, the double negation [logical not] [logical not] (Tree(t).
However, it can be normalized (simplified) further by applying DeMorgan's and Double Negation again, yielding:
So the double negation, both in Lady Mary's and in Benedick's respective locutions might not serve any other purpose than to emphasise the continuity between past and present: it is not so that this or that was the case but by now it has changed, but this is what has always been the case.
Now if we accept that the 'and not' meaning of nor is not a totally implausible interpretation of the conjunction in "It is not so, nor 'twas not so," then we might come up with the following reading: 'It is not so, and it was not not so, either,' where the double negation in the second clause only logically implies an affirmative: it was so.
Joy is negated by sadness and sadness by joy; the double negation opens us to ever higher glimpses of the transcendent.
The happy ending is that the epitaph becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy by a curious kind of double negation.
Homer understands by way of negation, not to say double negation.