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an ambiguity with one interpretation that is indelicate

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Durham City-based sculptor Stephen Kirkby has been inspired by language's double meanings to create an exhibition that should delight fans of the Chronicle's daily Dingbat puzzle.
All mine have at least double meanings, but a lot of times it's triple.
No one has previously bothered to read the Latin of Alciato and his commentators closely enough to see the double meanings they dearly intended.
This is the case in the chapter on Djinn for example, where Smith explores the many temporal paradoxes and double meanings littered throughout the text.
Double meanings popped up like Ronni Ancona's breasts throughout Dr Terrible's House Of Horrible.
He seems drawn to the double meanings in his subject: Boredom, desolation, and dryness in prayer can be part of the "dark night" that leads to mystical union, but the same state resembles the acedia that was considered a capital sin.
Yesterday, he said: "A few of the paintings of children appear to have double meanings.
But these possible problems were confronted manfully and although verbal placing is needed to polish many of the double meanings the play was laid successfully in our laps.
Look for the comical ambiguity and double meanings in language.
Children in grades 3 and above will appreciate the double meanings and puns that are woven into this tale.
Lubiano states that in Song of Solomon signifying, with its "plays on double meanings," causes "truths to be withheld" (103), just as Morrison's narrative with its "shifting consciousness" defies closure, and her muddying of the distinction between personal and political history calls into question the significance of the individual act.
His best-known poem, Marienleich ("Mary's Song"), is an impressive display of virtuosity in which the Virgin is praised in complex language that combines traditional religious imagery, double meanings, and esoteric philosophical allusions.
Take care to avoid language-based jokes, puns, double meanings and any visuals that might be considered market-specific.
Oxford Essential Guide for Puzzle Solvers - searchable reference for word game players, which includes answers arranged by the number of letters, rhyming pairs, double meanings, palindromes, acronyms and more
Here, he offers a field guide of strategies for creating all types of effective and memorable short messages, showing how to use tools such as double meanings, metaphor, and sound symbolism.