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an ambiguity with one interpretation that is indelicate

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Generally in a derby if you win, the victory has a double meaning.
However, Sharma says she was deeply hurt by the nude scenes and dialogues with double meaning.
LIVERPOOL striker Luis Suarez has spoken about the double meaning of his trademark goal celebration.
He explained: "The "Bad" is from Michael Jackson - but it's a double meaning, that bad is the talent and everyone's got that spark in them.
The double meaning dialogues of Ekta Kapoor's latest offering, Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, have worked at the box office, but in places like Muscat and Kuwait, the adult content in the film hasn't been looked upon too well, which has resulted in the film being banned.
Koura by elections has a double meaning these days because it comes at a time when there are major changes in the Arab region thanks to the revolutions of the Arab Spring and most notably the revolution of the Syrian people against the regime of Bashar Assad and all those who are affiliated with him in Lebanon.
Playing off the title's double meaning, couplets reiterate colorful, commonplace names.
IS there a double meaning to the title of the Grand National which starts at Wimbledon tonight?
He says it innocently, but are we really supposed to believe he's not aware of the double meaning when he's just dubbed himself a BILF?
Romney's slogan has no double meaning, but simply suggests that Barack Obama is not working, even though we all see him go into the White House every day with a suit on.
But there are countless of examples of Shakespeare doing exactly this: It's as though he's getting extra mileage out of the language with a kind of double meaning that throws you for a moment.
When the term 'cougar' became mainstream, we saw it as an opportunity to play off the double meaning in a playful and entertaining way.
Among the others are "application" - double meaning - and "opposition" - irony or sarcasm.
Through this word, imbued with a powerful double meaning, the
The final catchphrase, "Evrope to Osladime," has a double meaning and can mean both "We are going to soften Europe" and "We are going to give Europe a hard time".