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an ambiguity with one interpretation that is indelicate

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At the Kerry fest, she carried a liquor bottle and did a twenty-minute riff on that double entendre gift bag of a word: "bush.
Among the thematic chapters, the most interesting and original deals with the scatological double entendres and innuendos that lie very close to the surface of many emblems.
Mason's most telling point may be in regard to the pervasive use of double entendres in Victorian humor, whatever the social class.
Popular for its lively characters and its double entendres, the bawdy comedy was occasionally vilified for immorality.
He rightly shows with documentary evidence Sadasivaraya's insistence upon the moral purity and professional dignity of the theater and its artists, the reduction of cloying music in the theater to an absolute minimum, the preponderance of prose dialogue, the avoidance of vulgar double entendres, the employment of male artists to the exclusion of female ones as a rule, the placing of maximum importance on histrionic talent, and moderation in scenery and stage properties.
Miss Prune had a great time with many prune double entendres.
LASTWednesday morning news emerged that the BBC have been deluged with complaints about double entendres since The Great British Bake Off moved to BBC1.
Benidorm ITV, 9pm People who accuse this show of being too full of double entendres couldn't be more wrong.
Mark has run the gauntlet, from cringey double entendres to just plain hilarious supposedly sexy speak, as he tries to "woo" Emily Scott.
What she can't do with an egg, an onion, some peppers and a mouthful of double entendres that would make even Harry Hill blush a bright shade of red, probably isn't all that worth doing.
Stone slinks through every frame, trotting out the salty double entendres and shedding her apparel with alarming regularity.
It was during this period that he honed an ability for cheeky quips and double entendres.
The crime fighting totty have returned armed with a dangerous new array of bikini's and smutty double entendres, and a tenuous plot involving the theft of the names and addresses of the whole US Witness Protection Programme.
Whatever else it may be, postmodern painting tends to be art-historically self-conscious, saturated with double entendres, and executed in an astute, "crafty" way: tightly controlled no matter how impulsive and free-spirited it may look, no matter how uncanny the associations it engenders might seem.
It tells a basically simple story in an extremely and marvelously complicated style abounding in wordplay, logographs, double entendres, and the like.