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an ambiguity with one interpretation that is indelicate

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So keeping him out of Church is less of a double entendre and more a single entendre isn't it?
After all, when it comes to double entendres, Jordan herself is way out in front.
3) In the 1960s, Hollywood suddenly moved beyond mild nudity and double entendres to such depictions as Mrs.
Double entendres fly fast and furious, and every character seems to harbor a painful secret.
Set in an English vicarage in 1947, this comedy of errors subscribes to the usual recipe of slamming of doors and dropping of double entendres.
Be prepared for musical numbers, double entendres and audience participation.
While low-rated on the Nielsen scale, ``Homeboys,'' airing at 8:30 Tuesday nights after ``Moesha'' on UPN, has proved to be quite popular with kids, which makes both stars sensitive about its content, which playfully mixes double entendres with often obscure sci-fi references.
The plot may be disorienting, and knowing something about Mexican politics and history is helpful for the double entendres.
Moonves said CBS has several other family-skewing dramas in development, and that he plans to monitor more closely the family-hour shows that have relied heavily on double entendres and sexual situations to get laughs.
In the battle of cooking show double entendres, Mel and Sue on Bake Off have got soggy bottoms and lady fingers, and Myleene will need to get out her overflowing baps or hard buns.
Last Wednesday morning it emerged that the BBC has been deluged with complaints about double entendres since The Great British Bake Off moved to BBC1.
LASTWednesday morning news emerged that the BBC have been deluged with complaints about double entendres since The Great British Bake Off moved to BBC1.
The rowing has been a major highlight of the Games, not just because of the home team's success but because of the commentators' wonderful double entendres ("Up to 25 strokes per minute and the Italians are coming hard
It's the double entendres and big stars that keep the adult audience coming back for more - and you have to put bums on seats.
Inset) The double entendres are about as subtle as a Carry On film and he whistles his way along as he meanders his way through this funky soul.