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(golf) a score of three strokes under par on a hole

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a former gold coin in the United States worth 20 dollars

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P aul Harrington has switched from shooting double aces to a double eagle.
Last weekend, Harrington recorded what head pro Matt Moison believes is only the second double eagle on the par-5 third hole in his 17 years at Green Hill Municipal Golf Course.
He ranks the double eagle right up there with his holes-in-one.
So, in 1937 the near half million Double Eagles which had been locked in US Mint vaults were ordered to be melted into bullion ingots.
Investigations showed that nine Double Eagles had been stolen but the thief and several henchmen all escaped justice because the Statute of Limitations meant the length of time which had elapsed since the offences had been committed put them beyond the reach of the courts.
The coin in question is a United States 1933 20 dollar gold piece, popularly known as a Double Eagle - ie double the value of the 'Eagle' $10 gold coin.
Even though double eagles are rarer than holes-in-one, Frisch has never carded a hole-in-one.
Jeff Frisch waited 44 years to card his first double eagle, a shot even more unusual than a hole-in-one.
During his follow-through on his Callaway Fusion hybrid 3 approach shot, he joked to his match-play opponent, "Not another double eagle.
51,212 coins have been recovered to date, including 2,620 $20 Double Eagles, 1,496 $10 Eagles, 47,094 Half Dollars and 2 quarters.
It is also building eight additional Double Eagle product tankers.
This 1854-S gold Double Eagle $20 coin was struck by the San Francisco Mint in its first year of operation.
The Double Eagle Proof is available only through this limited edition, private release from the First Federal Mint at the advance issue price of $19.