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(golf) a score of three strokes under par on a hole

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a former gold coin in the United States worth 20 dollars

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Investigations showed that nine Double Eagles had been stolen but the thief and several henchmen all escaped justice because the Statute of Limitations meant the length of time which had elapsed since the offences had been committed put them beyond the reach of the courts.
The coin in question is a United States 1933 20 dollar gold piece, popularly known as a Double Eagle - ie double the value of the 'Eagle' $10 gold coin.
On July 30 in New York, the only known example of the Double Eagle will be sold by the US Government in an auction organised by Sotheby's of London and Stack's of New York.
The two lost certificates were delivered to Citibank in New York as security for a credit facility/real estate loan made available by Credit Bancorp Limited to the largest stockholder of Colorado Casino Resorts, Double Eagle Investment Ltd.
We regret the false charges levied against us by Double Eagle and Colorado Casino through their various press releases and the lawsuit and intend to pursue the matter until the record is set straight.
51,212 coins have been recovered to date, including 2,620 $20 Double Eagles, 1,496 $10 Eagles, 47,094 Half Dollars and 2 quarters.
It is also building eight additional Double Eagle product tankers.