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a doctor's degree in religion

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The double density discrete wavelet transform (DDDWT) was based on oversampled FIR filter banks.
Left ventriculography (Figure 2) revealed a double density suggestive of concomitant right ventricular opacification through an acute muscular ventricular septal rupture (VSR).
For example, we had a clear demand from motorsport for double density and we knew in the longer term, it will be the traditional military market that will use that technology.
To be launched: Curious Britney Spears fragrance and ancillary products, Double Density mascara (Fall, 2004).
The process reduction achieved by the card results in a die size almost as small as traditional density EEPROM die size, but with more than double density.
The stability shoe contains ethyl vinyl acetate double density (EVA 2) and a rollbar or polyurethane (POLY) in the posterior aspect of the midsole, as seen on the medial side of the shoe (Figure 1).
The original floppy drive was single-sided, single density, which was then increased to double-sided, then double-sided, double density, and finally to the high density and double-sided disk we use today as the 1.
One of them is a quadruple density digital video disc player, the other a double density player.
inch double-sided, double density, 96 track-per-inch drive and the SMD-1140 3.
Additionally, the company announced commercial availability of its double density BEQ[TM]6200 8:1 QAM, designed to give service providers twice the capacity to address the growing bandwidth demands at the edge of the network, where rack space is at a premium.
Uvex reports the range consists of a boot and two shoes; all extremely lightweight and featuring a water resistant hydrosuede leather upper and highly slip resistant double density PU sole.