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Synonyms for gemination

the doubling of a word or phrase (as for rhetorical effect)

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the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something


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However, the attempts to explain the abnormally frequent use of double consonant graphemes in The Ormulum made in previous studies clearly show that certain methodological problems also perpetuate in more recent publications.
He does not mention secondary stress, but this phenomenon is indicated by double consonants after a short vowel in syllables with a secondary stress, e.
By lacking awkward diphthongs and double consonants like -ph-, banananames tend to be more amenable to palindroming.
Sadly it seems it is not possible to make programmes about Wales without bad jokes about the Welsh language's absence of vowels and abundance of double consonants.
1) Here and below lengthened consonants are transcribed as single consonants with a grave accent marker; short geminates are transcribed as double consonants with a breve over the first component; full geminates are transcribed as double consonants with no diacritics.
With vowels and double consonants all over its menu, Aglio's Ristorante & Bar is Italian enough to convince anyone who doubts what you can do to reincarnate an old HoJo's.
Double consonants and double vowels are formed by and based on the original set of single consonants and vowels.
Shouldn't that be spelt "Monnika", given Bill's preference during affairs of the heart for double consonants in invented names.
And where you have double consonants, they just don't have a clue when they should be used.
The student would be guided into sorting the words into two piles, those with doubled consonants and those without, and then asked to detect the reason why certain words contain double consonants while others do not (in this case, the short vowel in the first syllable leads to the doubled consonant).