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a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms

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The most important parameter for process and quality control of UV and electron beam (EB) curing processes is the conversion of the (meth) acrylic double bonds, since that determines all other functional properties of a coating such as scratch and abrasion resistance, hardness, weathering resistance, chemical stability, the content of extractables, etc.
Elastomers, especially those with residual double bonds, show various kinds of aging due to environmental influences:
Reduction of double bonds content on the AF grafted particles was observed using iodine number titration.
Indeed, the oxidation competitively occurs on the carbon-carbon double bonds and the epoxy groups in ENR raw rubber.
Focusing on the currently available toolbox of biocatalyzed reductions of C=O, C=C, and formal C=N double bonds, they identify both reliable biocatalyzed transformations that can currently be used by organic chemists involved in developing manufacturing processes, and biotransformations that still require some improvement and investigations before they are reliable.
Unlike SFAs, unsaturated fatty acids contain one double bond (monounsaturated fatty acid [MUFAs]) or more double bonds (polyunsaturated fatty acid [PUFAs]) at specific positions in the carbon chain.
Fatty acids with multiple double bonds confer increased fluidity to membranes.
Commonly, Compounds containing double bonds (alkenes) can be oxidatively cleaved into carbonyl fragments by reagents such as ozone, which attack ethylenic linkages.
The length of the C-N and terminal C-S bonds are intermediate between the values expected for single and double bonds, indicating that the canonical form II makes a substantial contribution of the structure.
11, successful epoxidization was confirmed by observing the disappearance of the CH proton peaks associated with the fatty acid double bonds at 53 ppm in [the sup.
Fish oil is beneficial because it contains numerous double bonds in its hydrocarbon chain, making it "polyunsaturated.
As well, the most significant factor in both cases was the peroxide concentration because it affected the concentrations of both the terminal double bonds and the silyl radicals that were available for hydrosilylation.
5 to 25 parts by weight of a heat-expandable microcapsule including a shell, and a substance capable of vaporizing or expanding under heating to thereby generate a gas and a nonpolar oil, both encapsulated in the shell, wherein the shell is made of a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of a nitrile-based monomer (I), a monomer (II) having an unsaturated double bond and a carboxyl group in the molecule thereof, an optional monomer (III) having two or more polymerizable double bonds, and an optional copolymerizable monomer (IV) for adjusting the expansion properties.
Radicals decayed from thiol groups were beneficial to the polymerization of double bonds.