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largest and lowest member of the violin family

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We were even treated to an encore in the form of Hoe-Down from Aaron Copland's Rodeo, with instrument twirling from the cellos and double basses - a fun nale to an evening of ne entertainment.
During the 2011 International Society of Bassists Maker's Competition, where instrument makers from all over the globe enter recently made double basses and are judged both in workmanship and tone, Hachez received the gold medal and a designation of Master Bass Luthier.
Although the collection principally consists of violins, there are also a wealth of violas, cellos, and double basses, which altogether number more than 200, as well as numerous bows.
Martin is a former principal bassist with the London Symphony Orchestra, professor at London's Guildhall School of Music and noted maker of double basses.
In fact the only surprise was the layout of the orchestra with the double basses positioned centrally at the back of the platform and the timpani replacing them behind the violas and cellos.
Their activities largely involved playing a bit off-key while raising their bows sharply in the air, spinning around the sheet music which lay at their feet, and frequently picking up and moving or even lifting above their heads their impressive, burnt-chestnut double basses.
The full orchestra returns quietly, and the movement ends with only the soloist and two orchestral double basses sounding the signature chord in harmonics d[prime]-b[prime]-d[double prime].
SEVEN Kensington schoolchildren, their double basses and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic conductor Vasily Petrenko will be visiting Parliament on Tuesday to talk about the award-winning Music For Life programme.
Liverpool will receive pounds 9,500 which could buy either 30 clarinets or flutes' 63 violins, or 30 double basses.