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a spy who works for two mutually antagonistic countries

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Macintyre's title refers to the Double Cross system, the British counter-espionage and deception operation to "turn" captured German agents, who as double agents were used to feed disinformation to the German high command.
Terry argues that without Arthur Owens this system may never have got off the ground and some of the most famous double agents such as Tricycle, Garbo and Zigzag would not have had such a prominent role in the war.
Turned in by his wife, he became a double agent, although within a few years he found himself interned having been suspected of becoming a triple agent.
They decided to exploit the exaggerated view the Nazis had of Welsh anti-English feelings and groomed Gwilym as a double agent.
For almost three decades after Castro took power, Cuba's budding intelligence service fielded four dozen double agents in a world-class operation under the nose of the CIA, according to the book.
The Double Agents book is for grades K-6 that help teach "core subjects" through the use of the music.
A NEW book written jointly by Cardiff film editor Madoc Roberts and renowned espionage writer Nigel West has told the full story of how a Welsh double agent played a crucial role in winning World War II.
About the intelligence communities, with our system based on our discovery of the 'Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents,' they can pin-point possible staff that are pre-disposed to being double agents.
DA is staffed with smart, sexy women -- the double agents -- that report their findings online daily.
December 14 Wall Street Journal op-ed, the grand jury in that case has been convened to enforce one law, the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, that was aimed at double agents who rat out operatives to the enemy, and it had been used in just one successful prosecution in 22 years.
The supposedly glamorous side of the Second World War ( the cocktail of adrenaline, exotic travel and easy sex which some enjoyed ( pervades this fascinating book about Dusan "Dusko" Popov, one of Britain's most effective double agents.
Wartime glamour - the cocktail of adrenaline, exotic travel and easy sex which some enjoyed during the Second World War --pervades this fascinating book about Dusan 'Dusko' Popov, one of Britain's most effective double agents.
From five vantage points--human agents on the ground, signal intelligence involving decryption of messages, electronic surveillance, misinformation and double agents, and airborne surveillance--Owen details all aspects of intelligence and information-gathering techniques employed during the past 100 years.
Hanssen is reported to have turned over volumes of highly secret intelligence information, including the names of Russian double agents secretly working for the U.
The title comes from a sexual pun in Hamlet that Rosenbaum interprets more broadly to suggest that the history of any period is often hidden in the seemingly trivial or obscure Rosenbaum loves secrets: secret meanings in literary texts; secrets about the ultimate loyalties of double agents (his Harper's profile of CIA mole-hunter James Angleton isn't included, alas, but a marvelous New York Times Magazine piece about Kim Philby's private papers is); secret societies (probably Rosenbaum's best-known magazine article is an Esquire piece about Yale's Skull & Bones); and mysteries about murders and suicides, which are always shrouded in secrecy.