Windsor knot

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a wide triangular slipknot for tying a tie

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The invention of former NFL football player Franco Biancamano, the Perfect Knot tie clip sports a patented state-of-the art design that allows men to make a perfect Double Windsor knot.
The dry cleaned pants, the double windsor tie, the bugs in your teeth.
The few pounds he's added to his mainframe actually fill out his jacket while the crisp white shirt and stout simple double Windsor knot certainly make him look more pressed and polished-right down to his teeth.
On-premise activities bring the campaign directly to consumers with shoe-shine booths, tie-tying sessions to learn the double Windsor knot and suit measurements to help men achieve that sophisticated look.
In fact, a 2003 investigation showed that an overapplied double Windsor can constrict the jugular vein, cause massive pressure on the eyeballs and bring on glaucoma, as well as inhibiting the ability to fill out a Placepot ticket.
I can do a double Windsor, Windsor and a bow tie - almost.