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Synonyms for exposure

Synonyms for exposure

the condition of being laid open to something undesirable or injurious

something disclosed, especially something not previously known or realized

Synonyms for exposure

vulnerability to the elements

the act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience

the disclosure of something secret

aspect resulting from the direction a building or window faces

the state of being vulnerable or exposed

Related Words

the intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate

Related Words

the act of exposing film to light

presentation to view in an open or public manner

abandoning without shelter or protection (as by leaving as infant out in the open)

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A bit later in the day, an interview with the Oakland Examiner's David Moore was published making it a double exposure Friday for McCarter.
Double Exposure, and his frequent gigs in and around Chicago, and throughout his career in major nightclubs throughout the country, attest to this.
While Imogene is fun, Double Exposure is a more serious read.
Jacoby has agreed to produce DOUBLE EXPOSURE dark angels and secure talent and underwriting agreements on behalf of the Company.
Other popular games at Ball2Win's digital casino include a number of different slot machines, multi-hand blackjack, blackjack switch, Spanish blackjack, and double exposure blackjack.
Using the concept of double exposure, he examines their inner vulnerability by analyzing their adaptive capacity and broader sensitivity at the household level.
JOURNAL photographer Lewis Arnold is getting double exposure after winning a top film competition.
This often leads to double exposure in that we walk in the past and the present simultaneously.
All these applications derive from one or more of the four basic methods of the applied holographic interferometry: real-time, double exposure, time-average holography and stroboholography.
With Gemma Craven, Richard Chamberlain and Michael Hordern 1976 hhh Columbo: Double Exposure (UTV, 2.
Eligible games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, TXS Hold'em Pro Series, all Oasis Poker Pro games, all Jacks or Better-games, all Pontoon games and all Double Exposure games.
Resolve behind map: Men felling trees DOUBLE EXPOSURE to Oxen drawing logs.
Stephen McNally's spectral shot of Perch Rock Lighthouse at first glance looks like a double exposure as the building appears to hover on the sea line.
It uses the double exposure method, when the object is lighted by two different light sources (difuse-light and back-light) to detect all possible defects on anode surface and to criticise quality of welding.
You laugh upon finding Hein's Double Exposure, 2008, in the back room of the gallery--a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses bent so that their mirrored lenses are at right angles to one another.