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port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf

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Luzern: Zibung, Rogulj, Lustenberger, Thiesson, Affolter, Wiss (Lezcano 60), Doubai (Bento 60), Hyka (Bozanic 75), Winter, Freuler, Schneuwly.
YOUNG BOYS: Wolfli 5, Sutter 5 (Schneuwly 61, 5), Costanzo 5 (Regazzoni 61, 5), Doubai 5 (C.
YOUNG BOYS: Wolfli, Sutter (Regazzoni 62), Costanzo (Marco Schneuwly 61), Tape Doubai (Christian Schneuwly 82), Bienvenu, Spycher, Lulic, Affolter, Degen, Hochstrasser, Jemal.
Ivory Coast midfielder Thierry Doubai has also made a good impression in early games.
Now the struggling Ligue 1 side have opted to take Udinese midfielder Thierry Doubai on loan for the rest of the season and confirmed they will not be pursuing Edu any longer.
Wolfli, Sutter, Affoltet, Jemal, Spycher, Hochstrasser, Doubai, Costanzo, Degen, Lulic, Bienvenu
The Chilean replaced Thierry Doubai and immediately began to trouble Celtic with his driving runs from deep.
The home side broke in stunning fashion with Thierry Doubai nicking the ball forward to Bienvenu and he left Michael Dawson for dead to bury it.